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The fortified town of Puente Tablas is located 4 kilometres away from Jaén. Over the thirty years of research that have gone into it, the town’s archaeological site has revealed its value as a heritage site by way of a vast human population that lived there from the Bronze Age until the Islamic era. However, it is the Iberian period that was the most significant era, especially the 4th century BC. In this fortified Iberian city, you can learn about how the Iberians from the Upper Guadalquivir lived, and you can gaze at one of the mightiest fortifications there is, which is over 5 metres high and with over 300 metres remaining of it. Visitors can enter the city by walking where the old settlers of the oppidum once used to walk by going through the famous Puerta del Sol gate.

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Once you reach the archaeological site, you can first go to the Visitor Centre, which is next to the car park. In this modern centre, visitors can learn about what life was like in an Iberian city during a typical year, going through each of the seasons, looking at typical family activities and how a city may have been laid out, where you can see what its houses, its prince’s palace and its religious spaces etc. looked like.
Recent research carried out in Puente Tablas by the University of Jaén reveals the great importance that the city acquired in the 4th century BC. Most interesting of all is the famous Puerta del Sol. Next to this gate, a fascinating sanctuary dedicated to a female deity was discovered. It is an enormous gate that was built at the start of 4th century BC, and it faces eastwards, in the direction where the sun comes up. During the autumn and spring equinoxes (between the 20 and 25 September and the 20 and 25 March), the light of dawn

would pass through the gate, and the first rays of sunlight would light up the goddess figure positioned next to the gate. This is an ancestral ritual linked to the fertility of nature, life and death, wealth and possibly love too.
Another sanctuary has also been discovered next to the gate, and this one was built on a number of terraces where your eyes are drawn to various caves that were almost certainly once part of an oracle.
In the middle of the town, you can visit a group of houses that has been fully excavated. Here you’ll come across the remains of a number of dwellings, specifically patios, various rooms and even the beginning of a second floor accessible by stairs, not to mention communal storehouses and so on. The town is in the shape of a four-sided grid, with parallel streets running throughout the plateau of the oppidum. On one of the sides, we find the Iberian princely palace with its huge reception rooms, patios with porticoes, large stables, storehouses, ovens and even a winery and an oil mill.


Telephone: 670 94 89 46. To arrange guided tours, contact the Iberian Museum of Jaén. Telephone: 953 00 16 92

Visiting Times

  • Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 15:00
  • Closed Sundays, Mondays and holidays

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Location and access:

JV-312, Jaén-Torrequebradilla, on the right bank of the river Guadalbullón

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The Arab Baths of Jaén were constructed in the 11th century. They are situated in the basements of the Palacio de Villardompardo, in the heart of the city’s old quarter. They are the largest and best preserved in Al-Andalus.

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The Castle of Santa Catalina overlooks the city of Jaén, perched aloft the summit of the hill from which it takes its name. It exercises a symbolic dominion over the landscape, welcoming you to Jaén. Clearly visible from all approaches to the city, this castle symbolises the wealth of history to be found here.

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