Recursos para escolares


Cuaderno Cástulo


Welcome to the Cástulo Visitor Centre! My name is Sphina and I’m a sphinx from the Iberian culture. My civilisation hides many mysteries. Would like to find out about them?

Cuaderno Porcuna

Cerrillo Blanco

Discover Cerrillo Blanco Visitor Centre! I’m Iltiratin ‘The Warrior’. I’m part of a large sculpture collection from the 5th century BC, alongside other sculptures of warriors, ancestors, animals and mythological beings.

Cuaderno Peal

The Royal Tombs of Hornos and Toya

Do you know about the royal tombs of Hornos and Toya? I’m Troly, a krater that formed part of the funerary objects in the Burial Chamber in Toya. Would you like to know who these monumental tombs belonged to?

Cuaderno Castellar

The Iberian Cave Sanctuary in La Cueva de la Lobera

Welcome to La Cueva de la Lobera Cave Sanctuary Museum! I’m Mita ‘la Damita’, an Iberian votive offering in the form of a young girl. I was left in the Sanctuary more than 2, 500 years ago. Would you like to know more about the customs of our culture? Then get ready, you’re about to set off on a long journey.