Porcuna Cerrillo Blanco


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Cerrillo Blanco is one of the most emblematic examples of Iberian culture. As you walk through this archaeological site, you will come across a burial necropolis dating back to the 7th century BC. Iberian culture’s most significant sculpture collection was buried in this necropolis in the 5th Century BC. This impressive collection is now on display in the Museum of Jaén. In the archaeological site and Visitors Centre you will find the keys to understanding these sculptures and the significance of death in the Iberian world.

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Cerrillo Blanco is a burial mound from the Tartessian period (7th Century BC) with 24 individual graves and one megalithic tomb where two individuals were buried. Around the 5th century BC, a set of Iberian sculptures that had been intentionally destroyed were buried in trenches covered with large stone slabs. This is the most important example of Iberian sculpture to be discovered, due to both the quantity of pieces (approximately 1,400 fragments) and their artistic quality. These sculptures tell the story of how a group of aristocrats achieved power and came to govern the important city of Obulco in Porcuna.

The Porcuna Museum concludes a visit to the site. It is located in the 15th Century Torre de Boabdil, right in the historic heart of the district. This museum houses a large collection of Ibero-Roman sculptures. The museum offers guided visits by prior arrangement and a year-round programme of activities. Details can be found on their website: www.museodeporcuna.com

Visiting times

Schedule of the visit:

  • From Tuesday to Sunday
  • From 10:00 – 13:00 hours

To arrange visits, contact the City Council in advance.

Download the leaflet

Download the leaflet with all the information about the museum of Porcuna.


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Construction began on 14 January 1931 and was finally completed on 11 May 1960. It showcases the work of local stonemason Antonio Aguilera “Grazón”, who had used stone blocks from the town’s quarries. Some of these blocks weigh more than 7,000 kg.

Paseo de Jesús, s/n
Porcuna / 23790
Telf: 953 54 41 77

Location and access

The site has a Visitor Centre that is reached from the A-306 road, Carretera de Arjonilla, kilometre 1.
The museum is located in the Torre de Boabdil in Porcuna. It is situated in the town centre, on Calle José Moreno Torres, s/n, 23790, Porcuna.