Periodo Orientalizante

The birth of the princes and the creation of the oppida.

The first period corresponds to the 7th and 8th Centuries BC. The majority of the fortified settlements (oppida) were built during this time. The circular mud and straw huts found inside from the previous period were progressively substituted by four-sided houses with stone baseboards and rammed earth and adobe walls. This enabled better town planning. This is also the period when the first princely spaces appear such as the Baños de la Muela building in Cástulo. Iberian princes had a high social standing as can be seen in the burial mounds at Hornos in Peal de Becerro, where a princely couple were buried. From this moment onwards the aristocratic lineages began to build their power by gathering around them those who agreed to form part of their lineage, as demonstrated by the Cerrillo Blanco burial mound in Porcuna.

Fase 1 - Grifomaquia